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Practice Areas


Patents, Trademarks and Copyrights

Cooper & Scully, P.C. represents a variety of businesses and individuals in intellectual property litigation. We have handled litigation involving:
- Patents
- Trademarks
- Copyrights
- Trade Secrets
- Non-competition covenants

The trial lawyers at Cooper & Scully have vast experience trying scientific and economic issues to juries. With few exceptions, our work on intellectual property matters is limited to the litigation and trial of cases. When necessary, we assist clients by referring them to lawyers with whom we have relationships who do prosecute patents and take other more transactional actions on behalf of clients. In turn, Cooper & Scully will team up with intellectual property lawyers who find themselves in need of aggressive trial services.

Representative Cases

Representative of our successful trial work in intellectual property cases is KB Home v. Antares Homes, Ltd, et al., 2008 WL 4692837 (N.D. Texas 2008). In an important copyright case, Cooper & Scully had the resources and experience necessary to succeed against a very large opponent represented by a very large international law firm.