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Diana Faust and Jackie Cooper Speak on Involvement in Morton Case at 7th Annual Jolly Roger Hal Jackson Memorial Criminal Law Seminar

Jackie Cooper and Diana Faust, attorneys at Cooper and Scully, were asked to speak at the 7th Annual Jolly Roger Hal Jackson Memorial Criminal Law seminar regarding their involvement in the Michael Morton case.  Both of these women were instrumental in gaining Michael Morton his freedom after 25 years of wrongful incarceration.  

Michael Morton was convicted of the murder of his wife and then exonerated in 2012 with a finding of actual innocence based on DNA testing.  Jackie and Diana began working on the pro bono State v. Morton case in early 2004 with the Innocence Project.   

In 1987, Michael Wayne Morton was indicted for the August 13, 1986 murder of his wife, Christine Morton.  A jury returned a verdict of guilty on February 17, 1987, and sentenced Mr. Morton to life  imprisonment and a fine of $5,000.

Diana, Jackie and their team worked hard to exonerate Mr. Morton by seeking and obtaining DNA testing of multiple pieces of evidence that were excluded during the trial in which Mr. Morton was convicted.  After the results showed Mr. Morton's innocence, he was released from jail in October 2012.  Mr. Morton is now a free man, with a clear name, in large part because of Diana and Jackie's outstanding briefing and Diana's arguments in the Court of Appeals.    

The two warriors share their battle stories in the fight against John Bradley and the Wiliamson County DA's Office during their presentation.

*The Jolly Rogers were the most feared fighter pilots in World War II. TCDLA Charter Member Lt. Hal Jackson was among their finest, sinking the Japanese Imperial Battleship Yamato.