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Jun 15, 2021

'Understanding the COVID-19 Pandemic: Its Potential Impacts to Current & Future Health Risk Questions

Rimkus Consulting Group, Inc. and Cooper & Scully invite you to join Carla J. Kinslow, Ph.D., Director, Toxicology and Food Safety Practice, Scott M. Drouin, Ph.D., Senior Consultant with Rimkus Consulting Group, and Jackie S. Cooper, J.D., Shareholder, and Nisha P. Byers, J.D., Shareholder, with Cooper and Scully, for a free, two-hour continuing education webinar, "Understanding the COVID-19 Pandemic: Its Potential Impacts to Current and Future Health Risk Questions" on Tuesday, June 15 at 11:00 am ET/ 10:00 am CT. Please join us after the webinar concludes for a live Q&A session with our presenters! 

Course Description: The first hour of this two-hour course is designed to educate participants on how the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting affected communities and their short- and long-term health. With this information, participants will better understand the impacts of risk-based decisions regarding potential exposure, as well as how the pandemic may impact future litigation and workers’ compensation issues. 

This presentation covers the background scientific information and current best practices issued by the United States government and other scientific experts regarding viral spread and risk mitigation. It provides participants with clear scientific definitions of exposure, identifies those at greatest risk, and clarifies some abstract questions, such as those related to the potential for re-infection and vaccine development. It also presents examples of potential cases and scenarios that could be expected in the current and future risk management and litigation industries. 

In this presentation, applications to forensics, human exposure and risk, and their potential causes will be discussed. Examples and potential case law applications that demonstrate the scientific process behind a COVID-19-related claim investigation will also be examined.

The second hour of this course discusses current Federal and State initiatives aimed at limiting liability against health care providers, businesses, and various educational and religious organizations in COVID-19 lawsuits. It examines situations when a duty to disclose suspicion of COVID-19 or a positive COVID-19 test may arise. The course also discusses potential hurdles to proving causation in COVID-19 lawsuits.  

CE Course Numbers: AL (6000090629), CA (385616), FL (117061), GA (60944), LA (34530), NC (214112), MS (21971), NH (6000092879), OK (6000092351), TX (126431 - 1.5 hours of credit offered)

CLE: LA, NC, and TX

*Our self-reporting CLE states are LA, NC, and TX. Please check the state(s) you require during registration and a certificate of completion will be sent to you.

For CE/CLE credit, you must log in individually, respond to random poll questions during the webinar, and provide your license/NPN number(s) while registering to ensure proof of participation. Participant's log in/out time is automatically recorded by ON24; participation for a minimum of 50 minutes is required to be eligible for credit.