David H. Jones

Senior Attorney
900 Jackson, Suite 100, Dallas, TX 75202
David H. Jones Photo

David has been an attorney for over two decades, and for nearly all of that time, the emphasis of his practice has been appellate law.  David has handled numerous appellate and original proceedings covering many areas of substantive and procedural law.  David spent most of his legal career in South Texas, where he obtained extensive experience in the Fourth and Thirteenth Courts of Appeals as well as the Texas Supreme Court.  David has also handled appellate matters in the Fifth Circuit and has been involved in appeals to the United States Supreme Court.  In these higher courts, David has represented both sides of the docket – plaintiffs and defendants – as well as a variety of interests, from banks and large corporations to small businesses and ordinary individuals.  David has successfully upheld summary judgments, jury verdicts, injunctions, and other orders.  And, he has successfully appealed and overturned judgments and other rulings by lower courts.  David also has experience in handling original proceedings in the courts of appeals and the Texas Supreme Court.  Such work includes arbitration provisions, venue rulings, forum-selection clauses, death penalty sanctions, and a variety of other actions taken by lower courts.

Appellate work does not always begin in the appellate courts.  David also has much experience in the trial courts in laying the groundwork for advancing into the appellate courts, including error preservation; jury charges; summary judgments; special appearances; default judgments; dismissals for want of prosecution; motions to strike expert witnesses; venue transfers; and other motions and procedures which could have the effect of disposing of the case in the trial court.

One matter which David found most fulfilling was when he single-handedly took on multiple large Texas law firms in representing Mexican pop singer Gloria Trevi in her lawsuit against two Mexican media conglomerates and a well-known television personality who had filed special appearances, seeking to avoid being sued for defamatory broadcasts in Texas.  David coordinated the gathering of evidence in the trial court, prepared the response to the special appearances, and then won in the trial court, won 3-0 in the court of appeals, and won 9-0 in the Texas Supreme Court.  The Texas Supreme Court’s opinion called it a case of first impression.  As a result, Texas Lawyer named David its “Appellate Lawyer of the Week” for the March 7, 2016 edition.

When he is not practicing law, David enjoys being active in his local church as well as spending time with his family, being outdoors, reading, travel, and keeping up with the Dallas Cowboys, Texas Rangers, and San Antonio Spurs.



Texas, 1989
Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals



J.D., The University of Texas School of Law, 1989
B.A., Washington and Lee University, 1985

Dallas Bar Association
Member, Steering Committee for November, 2010 ABA Appellate Judges Education Institute

Author, Can People Conspire to Commit Constructive Fraud?, published by Cooper & Scully, P.C., September 23, 2019

Speaker, Menchaca - Rehearing and Unresolved Issues, 26th Annual Insurance Symposium, April 5, 2019

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