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8th Annual Advanced Forum on Health Care Liability - October 17, 2008

This course is designed to give those involved in the health care, risk management, litigation and claims fields and in-depth review of current events, trends and issues pertinent to defending health care providers and organizations, with a national perspective. Presentations will include a broad spectrum of topics addressing national trends in health care liability, mass tort litigation, reputation management, statutory reforms and other related topics. The seminar will provide instruction on practical, ethical aspects of evaluating, defending and trying health care liability claims, and will include guest panel speakers and litigation experts on various subjects. The presentation will provide an update on the current status of the law, emerging trends in the law and potential considerations and solutions. 

7:30A.M. - 12:45P.M.
Cityplace Conference Center
J.C. Thompson Center
2711 North Haskell, Suite 100
Dallas, TX 75204
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This course has been certified for insurance licensee continuing education by the Texas Department of Insurance in the amount of 3.5 general credit hours and 0.5 Ethics/Consumer Protection credit hours. Cooper & Scully, P.C. is a Texas Department of Insurance registered CE provider (#1107). 

This course has been approved for Minimum Continuing Legal Education credit by the State Bar of Texas Committee on MCLE in the amount of 4.0 hours, of which 1.0 credit hours will apply to legal ethics/professional responsibility credit. The State Bar of California accepts Texas Minimum Continuing Legal Education credits. 

This seminar has been approved for a total of 4.0 contact hours of Continuing Education Credit toward fulfillment of the requirements of ASHRM designations of FASHRM (Fellow) and DFASHRM (Distinguished Fellow) and towards CPHRM renewal.

Seminar Topics



The State of Healthcare in America

Coordinated with qualified guest speaker from the industry, this topic will focus on the American Healthcare system, from its traditional beginnings to its future outlook. The topic will cover challenges to health care providers today. The speaker will cover challenges to health care providers today. The speaker will address health care delivery methods, exchange of information, and payor arrangements. The topic will also focus on how the competing political agendas affect healthcare. The speaker will look at these issues from the perspective of both doctors and hospitals.


Key Updates in Healthcare Regulation: Clinical Integration, The Latest On Stark

The presentation will discuss the concept of clinical integration and the need for health care providers to promote changes in provider culture, redesign payment methods and incentives, and modernize federal laws. It will also include a brief overview of the new Stark Law regulations promulgated by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) that implement prohibitions on physician self-referrals to Designated Health Services (DHS).


Qui Tam Actions and The False Claims Act

This topic will focus on state and federal false claims actions, what types of actions are prosecuted and what damages are recoverable. The topic will also focus on trends by the state and federal authorities in enforcing these claims as well as proposed changes in the Federal False Claims Act.


Evolving Areas of Health Care: Transplant Medicine, Genetic Diseases and Emerging Technologies

This discussion will provide an overview of litigation trends in a rapidly growing health care industry. The presentation will provide insight on current theories of liability, potential defenses, medical literature and medical experts involved in this litigation. The presentation will also feature two areas of medicine increasingly seen in litigation: transplant medicine and genetic diseases, and will highlight the challenges presented when addressing them in the courtroom.


Physician Disputes: Physician Versus Hospital & Physician Versus Partners

This presentation will address the legal issues that commonly arise out of disputes between physicians and hospital and/or their practice groups. More specifically, the presentation will focus on contracts, credentialing, peer review and related causes of action such as breach of contract, tortious interference, and defamation. The talk will also incorporate a discussion on the facts and ramifications of recent state and federal case law which analyzes these issues, including the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals recent decision in Poliner v. Texas Health Resources.


State Board Disciplinary Proceedings
This presentation will advise attendees about the State Board of Medical Examiners; surviving an investigation; implications and impact of an adverse finding by the State Board; and offensive moves to help defeat the potential of an informal investigation ripening into a formal investigation.


Public Perceptions of Healthcare Providers

This presentation will address juror perceptions and attitudes towards health care providers. It will cover general feelings, attitudes, and biases, as well as what types of evidence jurors tend to focus on or, instead, disregard.