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Recognizing the value of
diverse perspectives.

Equal Opportunity For All.

At Cooper & Scully, P.C. we recognize, respect and value the variety of perspectives each of us brings to our Firm and clients.  We diligently search for new and meaningful ways to foster creative thinking and broad perspectives in order to continue understanding and expanding the use of the unique knowledge and experience of diverse cultures.  Our core value include upholding the standards of the legal profession, practicing law with dignity and respect, and embracing the cultural and ethnic diversity we have to offer. We believe a higher level of excellence and a deeper sense of professionalism can be achieved when an abiding commitment to the goals of diversity and inclusiveness are observed.

Cooper & Scully takes great pride in its commitment to being an active and contributing member of the communities we serve. The Firm, its individual attorneys and staff members contribute time, effort and money throughout the year to a diverse group of civic organizations and minority sections of various state bars.

Cooper & Scully’s dedicated Diversity Committee is comprised of attorneys and staff and is committed to facilitating new ideas, setting goals, monitoring the achievement of those goals and developing programs that encourage and advance diversity. We continually seek to expand our efforts and improve mentoring for attorneys and support staff to create a more appealing work place for minority lawyers and staff.