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Appellate Court Upholds Chapter 74: Doctor Need Not Appear for Deposition in Birth Injury Case >

Challenging Patent Venue in the Eastern District of Texas >

Understanding Entity Selection >

Texas Supreme Court Revisits Proximate Cause in Negligent Entrustment Case  >

Penalties and Lawsuits for HIPAA and State Privacy Law Violations >

No Coverage for Attorneys’ Fees Assessed Against the Insured >

Legislature Enacts New Law for Do-Not-Resuscitate Orders and Updates Law for Medical and Durable Powers of Attorney >

Innocent Parties Can Use Indemnity to Recover Cleanup Costs under New California Decision >

Case Update - Austin v. Kroger >

California Court Decides Method of Stacking Excess Policies at Different Levels in Multi-Year Environmental Claim >

California Court Finds Ambiguous "Ongoing Operations" Limitation in Contractor's Additional Insured Endorsement >

Federal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Split on Applying Qualified Immunity Defense to Excessive Police Force Actions >

Proposed Change in California Law to Remove Certain Mediation Confidentiality Protections  >

Underground Utilities: Can Contractors Curb Loss of Use Damages? >

Supreme Court of Texas Considers Discoverability of Party’s Attorney-Billing Records In Attorney-Fee Challenge >

Great American Insurance Co v. Hamel >

Who is a “Property Owner” Under Chapter 95? >

Wikipedia and a Claimed “Welfare Queen”—New Texas Supreme Court Opinion >

A Chapter 150 Certificate of Merit, or the Record Itself, Must Demonstrate the Affiant is Knowledgeable in the Defendant’s Area of Practice, Says Texas Supreme Court >

USAA Texas Lloyds Co. v. Menchaca: Texas Supreme Court Announces Rules Governing Recovery Of Policy Benefits Under Insurance Code  >

Spoliation after Brookshire Brothers v. Aldridge >

Great American Insurance Company v. Primo, Supreme Court of Texas Interprets Insured-Versus-Insured Exclusion in D&O Liability Insurance Policy >

Pleading Scienter in Securities Fraud Actions >

Naturally Accumulating Elements are not Unreasonably Dangerous Conditions >

The Applicability of the “Insured vs. Insured” Exclusion in a D&O Policy in Federally Governed Receivership Cases: The Legal Status of the FDIC When It “Steps Into the Shoes” of Defunct Financial Institutions >

Texas Supreme Court Adopts Insureds’ Reasonable Interpretation of Homeowners Policy and Holds Fencing Claim Covered as a Matter of Law >

Reptile Theory >

Defend Trade Secrets Act Expands Protections of Employers' Proprietary Information >

"Computer Fraud” Provision of Crime Protection Insurance Policy: Insured’s Loss Did Not Result Directly from the Use of Any Computer >

The State of Texas Voter ID Law Following the Texas NAACP v. Steen Opinion >

Duties Owed in the Attorney-Client Relationship >

Texas Supreme Court's Second Interpretation of the Scope of Chapter 95 (Property Owner Liability) >

Excess Insurance Company Subrogation Rights >

All-Damages Cap on Health Care Liability Wrongful Death and Survival Claims >

The Issue of Admissibility of Alcohol in Personal Injury Cases >

A Brief Summary of Recent FDA Compounding Pharmacy Guidance and Regulatory Activity >

Texas Supreme Court Limits Grounds to Vacate Arbitration Awards >

Connecting the Dots: Determining the Duty to Defend When the Facts Pleaded Fail to State a Compensable Claim Covered Under the Policy >

Unable to Pay for Arbitration? The 9th Circuit Says You Still May Have Fulfilled Your Duty to Arbitrate >

Texas Supreme Court Denies Rehearing in U.S. Metals v. Liberty Mutual >

Who is a "Contractor" Under Chapter 95? >

Is a Denial a Waiver of the Appraisal Provision? >

Texas Supreme Court and Fifth Circuit Issue Flurry of Opinions Addressing Health Care Liability Issues >

Premises Liability vs. Safety Claim Against Healthcare Providers >

Recent Trends in Texas for Premises Liabilty Claims >

Texas Supreme Court Holds that Proprietary-Governmental Function Analysis Applies to Immunity Questions in Breach-of-Contract Suits >

Federal Circuit Update: Recent Cases on Patent Claim Construction >

Houston Fourteenth Court of Appeals Declines to Recognize an Extrinsic Evidence Exception for Duty to Defend >

How Does an Independent Contractor Become an Employee for Liability Purposes? >

Texas Supreme Court Changes Measure of Damages >

Permissive Interlocutory Appeals and Determining the Duty to Defend >

Court Holds in Favor of Law Firm After Client Goes Behind Its Back to Insurer >

Procedural Due Process in Consumer Healthcare Arbitrations in California >

Texas Supreme Court: Reviewing the 2014-2015 Term >

Recovery of Attorneys Fees for Breach of Contract in Texas >

Sheltered From the Storm: Cooper & Scully Attorneys Obtain Victory in High-Stakes Patent Litigation >

Attorney Immunity Wins Again >

Could Fitbits Become Expert Witnesses in the Courtroom? >

ERISA and Provider-Payor Prompt Pay Act Litigation Update >

The Basics of Cybersecurity Risks >

Worker's Compensation Lifetime Income Benefits Awards >

New Law Affecting Construction Defect and Design Claims for Condominiums  >

Texas Legislative Update: Insurance Laws Passed During the 2015 Regular Session >

Recent Supreme Court Case Regarding Premises Liability: Austin v. Kroger Texas, L.P.  >

Responding to Subpoenas for Mental Health Records in California >

Ross v. St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital - What Defines a Health Care Liability Claim? >

Fifth Circuit Sets Out a Prospective Standard for Compensation in Bankruptcy Cases >

Texas Supreme Court Addresses Arbitration Issues Involving AIA Contracts in Construction Defect Case  >

Thoughts on Chapter 18 - Is it Doing What it Was Designed to Do? >

Texas Medical Liability Act & Preemption >

How The Actions of an Agent Can Bind a Principal >

The Basics of Surplus Lines Insurance >

The Appraisal Provision and Extracontractual Exposure >

Texas Supreme Court Interprets Concurrent-Causation-Clause in Insurance Policy >

The Pitfalls of Filing a Proof of Claim >

Dallas Court of Appeals Finds No Coverage Where Insured Failed To Allocate Damages For Covered Claims From Non-Covered Claims >

Can An Underlying Contract Impose Limits On The Coverage Available To An Additional Insured Under A Policy? >

Filing Frenzy: What the Bills Pending in the Legislature Say and Why They Matter to You >

Texas Supreme Court Revamps Law Regarding Admissibility of Seat Belt Evidence >

Spoliation of Evidence Doctrine: Video Evidence Update >

Premises Liability Update: When the Invitee is an Employee >

Social Media as Evidence >

Medical Liens >

2013-2014 Texas Supreme Court Update >

Six Months into the Mandatory E-Filing Roll-Out >

A Year After Lennar: Proceed With Caution - a Texas Lawyer article by R. Brent Cooper and Micah Dortch >

Fiduciary Claims in Partnerships and Corporations >

The Appraisal Process: Now We Understand >

Anti-Kickback and Stark >

Court Issues New Prompt Payment of Claims Decision in an Uninsured Motorist Case >

Insurers May Be Subject to Spoilation Sanctions Base on Pre-LItigation Actions >

Texas Supreme Court Rules Damages Covered Even if Loss Incurred After Policy Period >

Recent Texas Supreme Court Opinions Leave Significant Imprint on Health Care Litigation >

Notable 2012-2013 Texas Supreme Court Cases >

2013 Transportation Update >

New Insurance Code Provisions Change Required Coverage for Newly Acquired and Replacement Autos >

Are You Complying With the New Law on Certificates of Insurance? >

The Texas Anti-Indemnity Act and the Common Law: What Happens Next? >

Application of the Attorney Client and Work Product Privileges When a Party Seeks Recovery of Attorney's Fees  >

Pharmacy Update: Recent Compounding Pharmacy Legal Developments >

Senate Bill 1567: The End Of Named Driver Policies? >

The Basics of Bring-Your-Own-Device >

Email 101 >

Expanding TMLA to Cover Additional Employee Injuries >

Emerging Risks in Insurance: Cyberbullying >

California's Telehealth Laws - How They Apply to Physicians, Hospitals and Health Care Service Plans >

Read R. Brent Cooper, Micah Dortch and Wes Johnson's Latest Article in the Texas Lawyer "A Trial Lawyer's Guide to Jurors From Gen X and Gen Y"  >

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